Jones is a henchman ordered to intercept Bond at the airport in Kingston, Jamaica. Once discovered, he commits suicide rather face interrogation. He appears as the quaternary antagonist in the 1962 film Dr. No and is portrayed by Reginald Carter.

Film biographyEdit

As Bond leaves Kingston Airport, a chauffeur identifying himself as "Jones" meets him and alleges that he was sent by Government House. Bond instructs him to load his luggage while he calls his hotel. Instead, he calls Government House who deny sending him. Bond gets in his car nonetheless, asking Jones to "take [him] for a ride".

Driving along the coastal road, Jones notices Felix Leiter following them and tries to lose him at the behest of Bond. After evading their pursuer, Bond suspects that Jones is working with him and orders the driver out of the car at gunpoint. They fight as Jones tries to kill Bond, but the spy overpowers him.

Defeated, Jones asks for his pack of cigarettes. After Bond hands them over he extracts one and bites down on it. As 007 grabs the convulsing man, he forces out a final "to hell with you" before collapsing to the ground dead. On examination, Bond discovers that there was cyanide in the cigarettes.

On returning to Government House, Superintendent Duff notes that the car was stolen and that they were not able to identify the driver; suffice to say, he was not a resident of Kingston.


  • He is the first Bond villain to officially encounter Bond in the entire film franchise.

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