John Strangways was a British spy living in Jamaica until he was assassinated. He appeared in the 1962 film Dr. No and was portrayed by Timothy Moxon, dubbed by Robert Rietty.

Film biographyEdit

Strangways plays cards with R. J. Dent and two other men at a country club in Kingston, Jamaica. He excuses himself to make a call, but he is actually leaving to radio into MI6 as he is a British spy. In the parking lot, he is shot down by The Three Blind Mice assassins, and they take his body away. James Bond is assigned to investigate what happened to him. Bond discovers that Strangways was researching rocks on Dr. Julius No's island of Key Crab, and that R. J. Dent was covering up the evidence.

Trivia Edit

  • After his murder just minutes into Dr. No, Strangways holds the dubious distinction of being the first person to be seen to die in the canonical James Bond film series.