Dolores Keator (1925-2011) was an actress who played Mary Trueblood, her only role in film, in Dr. No.


Keator was born in New Jersey, on 16 February, 1925. She moved to England to study filmography. However, since she wasn't very good at it, she only appeared as a minor role in Dr. No, made in 1962. She then moved back to America.


After moving to Miami with her husband, Sanford L. Ziff, Dolores Keator died on January 11, 2011, a month and 5 days short of her 86th birthday.


  • She owned the house where her character was murdered.
  • Husband Sandford Ziff founded Sunglass Hut and building Dolores and Sandford Ziff Opera House, Miami, Florida
  • She had one son by first marriage, 3 sons by second marriage. Her marriage to Mr. Ziff was her fourth marriage.